Friday, 17 May 2013

Saint Gregory of Nyssa-The Soul as an Arrow..

 Saint Gregory of Nyssa

The soul as an Arrow" is a theme explored by St.Gregory of Nyssa in his Commentary on the Song of Songs.He states that the bride(who is a figure of the soul) is both struck by the arrow of God's love,and at the same time becomes herself an arrow propelled toward God:The bride praises the bowman for his good marksmanship because he hits her with his arrow.The bride says"I am wounded with love"(Song2.5)
These words indicate that the bridegroom's arrows have penetrated the depths of her heart.The Archer of these arrows is love(cf. Jn 4.8),who sends his own "chosen arrow'(cf Isa 49.2) the Only-begotten Son,to those who are saved,dipping the triple-pointed tip of the arrow in the Spirit of Life.The tip of the arrow is faith, and by it God introduces the archer into the heart along with the arrow.
As the Lord says"I and the Father are one,we will come and make our home with him"(Jn 14-23).
O beautiful wound and sweet blow by which life penetrates within!.The arrow's penetration opens up,as it were,a door and entrance for love.As soon as the bride receives the arrow of love,the imagery shifts from archery to nuptial delight...Earlier we said that the bride was the target;she now sees herself as the arrow in the bowman's hands....God treats the purified soul as a bride and as an arrow aimed at a good target.

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