Sunday, 23 September 2012

What is this sweetness of love that is sweeter than life?

Saint Isaac The Syrian says;
Joy that is in God is stronger than this present life.Whoever has found this will not only not cast a glance at the passions,but will not even give a thought to his own life,nor will he have awareness of anything else,if in truth he has been accounted worthy of this joy.Love is sweeter than life,and understanding according to God,from which love is begotten,is sweeter than honey and the honeycomb.
What is this sweetness of love that is sweeter than life?It does not
seem grievous to love to undergo a bitter death for her beloved's
sake.Love is the offspring of knowledge,and knowledge is the
offspring of health of soul;health of soul is a strength that comes
from prolonged patience.
Question:What is knowledge?
Answer:The perception of life immortal.
Question:And what is life immortal?
Answer:Consciousness in God;for love springs from understanding.
Knowledge according to God is king of all desires,and every sweetness
of the earth is superfluous to the heart that has received it.For there
is nothing like the sweetness of the knowledge of God.
A Prayer:O Lord,fill my heart with eternal life!
Eternal life is consolation in God;and he who has found consolation
in God considers every worldly consolation to be superfluous.

Excerpt from Saint Isaac the Syrian's Homily 62

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