Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Saint Isaac The Syrian-On True Humility

(Excerpt from Homily 6)

A man who is truly humble is not troubled when he is wronged,
and he says nothing to justify himself against the injustice,but he
accepts slander as truth;he does not attempt to persuade men that
he is calumniated,but he begs forgiveness.
Some have voluntarily drawn upon themselves the repute of being
licentious,while they are not such;others have endured the charge
of adultery ,being far from it,and proclaimed by their tears that they bear the fruit of the sin they had not committed,and have wept,
asking their offenders forgiveness for the iniquity they had not done,their souls all the while being crowned with all purity and chastity;others,lest they be glorified because of the virtuous state which they have hidden within them,have pretended to be lunatics,while in truth they were permeated with divine salt and securely fixed in serenity,so that,because of their uttermost perfection,they had holy angels as heralds of their deeds of valor.

You think that you possess humility.Other men accuse themselves;
but while you cannot even bear to be accused by others,you reckon
yourself humble.

If you are truly humble,by these things try yourself;
whether or not you are troubled when you suffer injustice.

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