Friday, 7 September 2012

Elder Paisios on Self-Reproach,Not Despair

 -Elder,I do not see my faults,and my heart is like a rock.
 -Sometimes God guards us from seeing our faults and allows our heart to be like a rock in order to prevent the devil plunging us into despair.A person must consider his sinfulness with discernment.Repentance that involves anxiety and despair is not from God:the little devil has put his tail in the mix.One must be very careful,because the devil can catch him while in repentance and then hurl him into grief and disappointment,in order to break him mentally and physically,rendering him useless.

You see,the devil brings about the other debilitating contrition,full of anxiety,in order to break his spirit.
For example,the devil will make someone think, "You are so very sinful,you will not be saved."He pretends to be concerned about someone's soul,but he only creates anxiety and despair!But i won't allow the devil to do as  he wishes.When the devil tries to convince you by saying,"You're a sinner",you should tell him,'What's it to you? 
I'll admit I'm a sinner when I want to,not when you want me to."
Taken from Elder Paisios of Mount Athos,
Spiritual Counsels Vol-3 "Spiritual Struggle"

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