Monday, 27 August 2012

Christ the good Portrait Painter..

By "Saint Makarios of Egypt".
(Excerpt from Homily 30)
Just as the portrait painter is attentive to the face of the King as
he paints,and,when the face of the king is directly opposite,face to

en he paints the portrait easily and well.But when he turns his
face away,then the painter cannot paint because the face of the subject is
not looking at the painter.
In a similar way the good portrait painter,Christ,for those who believe in Him
and gaze continually toward Him,at once paints according to his own image
a heavenly man.
Out of his Spirit, out of the substance of the light itself,ineffable light,he paints
a heavenly image and presents to it its noble and good Spouse.
If anyone,therefore,does not continually gaze at Him,overlooking all else,
the Lord will not paint His image with his own light.
It is necessary that we gaze on Him,believing and loving Him,casting aside all
else and attending to Him so that He may paint his own heavenly image and
send it to our souls.
And thus carrying Christ,we may receive eternal life and even here,filled with confidence,
we may be at rest.Amen. 

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